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Thursday, July 03, 2008

We have moved...Again!!

Announcing the commencement of This will be the new hub dedicated to the discussion of Theocratic Faith (formerly Theocratic Christianity). At present, there is a blog/podcast site, along with a discussion forum, with public and private areas.

My desire for this site is that it be a refuge for those who are finding that their experience of Christianity is below Biblical standard, but are not satisfied with it being so. This will be a place to discuss with likeminded people, as well as read articles and listen to audio from people who get what you are going through.

It's okay to be frustrated, as long as you allow that frustration to lead you into truth, and ultimately, into God's rest. Make sure, when you stop in, that you check out the Watch This Space… and Watch This Space (Addendum) articles, as they serve a good introduction to what is all about.

See you there. =)

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